Learning Resource Center

Learning Resources

The Learning Resource Center supports students who would like to enhance their learning experience through the development of improved study skills, organizational skills, and time management.

Academic Accommodations

Archbishop Spalding supports the varied learning styles of individual students.  Any student requesting academic accommodations must complete a formal request for review by the Learning Specialists.  Once a student is approved,  the official Spalding Learning Plan is provided confidentially to the student’s teachers each semester.

After-School Academic Support

After-school Support is a drop-in program. Students may utilize the Learning Resource Center study hall to work independently or ask for guidance from the Learning Specialists. Students will be given reminders on organization, use of Canvas, and study tools. During this time, students will be referred to tutoring offered by departments and the National Honor Society for specific content support. There is no additional fee for this support.

Seminar Program

The Seminar program is designed for students with executive functioning challenges. Students in this program take the Seminar elective course, which focuses on academic skills and strategies, including time management, organization, study skills, advocacy, technology, and communication. A Learning Specialist monitors their progress, and updates are provided to families on a regular basis. There is an additional fee for this program.

Aquinas Program

The Aquinas program focuses on strategies for academic excellence. Students who participate in this program develop a comprehensive plan for their individual learning, which provides them with tools for success. Content teachers utilize specific instructional techniques and assessment strategies to support student learning within the Aquinas sections. Their progress will be monitored by a Learning Specialist, and updates are provided to families on a regular basis. There is an additional fee for this program.

Director of LRC/Aquinas Program

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    Dr. Jeanine Kandrac 

    Director - Aquinas Program & Learning Resource Center
    (410) 969-9105 Ext. 1264

Learning Specialists

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    Mrs. Kimberly Carson 

    Learning Specialist

Learning Specialists

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    Mrs. Shelby Smith 

    Learning Specialist
    (410) 969-9105 Ext. 1209

Learning Resource Support

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    Mr. Joseph Pratt 

    Learning Support, Head Coach - Boys Basketball
    (410) 969-9105 Ext. 1319

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List of 1 members.

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